Sunday School: 9:00 a.m.
Worship Service: 10:30 a.m.

Our desire at Oak Ridge is to create an atmosphere that is welcoming for all people to fit in and belong. At Oak Ridge you’ll find authentic people who care and are interested in you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. We are a place for people who may just want to check out Christianity as well as a place where people can develop deep roots and a strong relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Why do families work? Because God Himself designed them! Thriving families will lead to thriving communities, and thriving communities will transform the world. People will find purpose, joy and redemption; and generation after generation will create a positive legacy.

The Family Project is a 12 session DVD experience for couples or small groups that explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family, and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century families thrive.

Join us at 9 a.m. Sunday mornings to learn how God has designed the family. Applicable to all stages of life!